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Commercial Property


We are more than happy to cater for the individual with one property through to the large company with an extensive portfolio.  

Our services include:

  • Commercial and residential conveyancing

  • Commercial leasing

  • Developments and subdivisions

  • Consent and regulation applications

  • Land issues and title reviews

  • Financing

  • Joint ventures

  • Overseas investment office applications and enquires

  • Structures and ownership

  • Corporate support

  • Lease back arrangements

  • Tenders

  • Subdivision and leasehold estates



McCrimmon Law provides for all your legal requirements when buying or selling your home or investment property.


We will look after all your property matters as we understand the particular needs of both first home buyers and experienced property investors alike. In the first instance please call us on 03 474 0003 or email and we will be happy to help with any questions you may have.


At the time of buying a property you may also want to consider setting up a family trust or perhaps a property sharing agreement.  We will advise you about whether these additional matters are appropriate to your circumstances and assist you in these matters as required.

Total costs for a standard residential property transaction as at 1 January 2021


Purchase $990*

Sale $790*


* Prices include GST one mortgage and disbursements. Not including some additional services. A list of some additional services is set out below. Please phone for further details.


Additional Services You May Require

  • Preparation of agreement for private sale or purchase  $300 + GST

  • Consideration and advice and additional matters regarding the sale or purchase of a Unit title/Cross lease/Strata title  $250 + GST

  • Supporting documents for sale or purchase by a company or trust  $200 + GST

  • Advice on LIM/Building report obtained by you  $150 + GST

  • Our services on any agreement for sale and purchase that does not proceed will be charged on a time and attendance basis Hourly Rate + GST

  • In some instances for sales and purchase outside Dunedin there may be additional disbursements for toll calls, couriers etc but this will be capped at $70 + GST

  • Kiwisaver/ Homestart (per application)   $300 + GST (per person)

  • Housing New Zealand Home Start Grant $300 + GST (per person)

  • Additional time and attendance where the standard or fixed fees do not apply due to the nature of the transaction will be charged at an hourly rate as outlined in the Letter of Engagement


Prices exclude GST and disbursements



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